1 to 1 repair

Repair process

Possibility 1:

With a 1 to 1 repair, you can remove your defective spare part yourself or have it removed. Repair form to complete. You send us your defective hydraulic part together with the repair form. Upon receipt, your spare part will be dismantled, cleaned, checked, measured and finally checked for repair options by hand. After a successful repair, we can send your spare parts cash on delivery. A bank transfer or PayPal payment in advance is of course also possible. The processing time in our company is 24 hours.

Possibility 2:

Remove the defective spare part yourself or have it removed and come to us in person and wait for the repair. The repair time for the hydraulic parts is usually 3 - 4 hours.

Possibility 3:

Come with the whole vehicle, we will take care of the removal and installation and repair the defective spare part immediately on site. Each spare part is carefully and completely dismantled, cleaned, measured and reassembled from scratch by hand.

We would be happy to make you an offer for diagnostics, repairs and of course the installation and removal of your defective spare parts in our own master workshop of the motor vehicle guild since 15.09.2000, specializing in Mercedes-Benz and AMG. 

Repair offers Suspension struts / shock absorbers

Repair offers hydraulic pumps

Repair offers Valve blocks / valve units