The ABC chassis magnetic filter for the ABC Mercedes chassis

We from Zaedow Automotive have us quite the topic ABC undercarriage repair prescribed and in particular the ABC chassis and the repair of vehicles with the Active Body Control suspension. With this in mind, we have developed the ABC magnetic filter so that you or your workshop can always keep an eye on the maintenance status of the chassis.

abc filter for mb chassis
ABC magnetic filter

Why do you need one ABC magnetic filter

The magnetic filter for the ABC system is basically the inspection and control window of the undercarriage.
Contrary to much speculation, the filter isn't just intended to clean the oil to a certain extent but also to monitor the chassis. The ABC filter in the system's oil reservoir is intended for the actual filtering.

According to Mercedes, this system is actually maintenance-free. At the latest after the manufacturer changed the system's ABC fine filter from 10 µm to 3 µm, it became clear that this system is not entirely maintenance-free.

ABC fine filter set
ABC fine filter set dismantled

The ABC filter, which is actually responsible for cleaning up the pentosin oil, can only do this to a certain extent. This filter lets through very small and fine metal chips, which are poison for the ABC chassis.

Why is the oil dirty at all?

The main reasons for contamination are rust, deposits of old oil, hydraulic lines breaking apart and metal shavings from wear and tear.

The Construction of the ABC magnetic filter

The ABC magnetic filter consists by and large of seven main components.

  1. Housing half with inlet nozzle
  2. Housing half with sealing rings
  3. Filter element
  4. Mounting washers or flange washers
  5. tension spring
  6. magnet
ABC magnetic filter assembled

Functionality of the magnetic filter

Basically, the way it works is self-explanatory.
The filter is installed in the return of the ABC system, since the pressure there is limited to 10 bar. This means that after the oil has crossed the whole system, it comes through the magnetic filter on its way to the oil reservoir. There it is pressed through the magnetized filter element.
Coarse impurities are caught by the sieve and the dangerous metal chips stick there thanks to the completely magnetized filter element.

mounting of the filter

Installation of ABC magnetic filter
ABC filter assembly

The assembly of the ABC magnetic filter is very easy! 7–8 centimeters are simply cut out of the return hose of the ABC system and replaced with the filter. Please do not forget the supplied hose clamp before connecting the filter and the hose. Please tighten the hose clamps properly, as there is still up to 10 bar in the return.

When should the magnetic filter be installed?

On the whole, it makes sense to use the filter on one flush or Repair to assemble. Often no flushing is carried out during a repair in workshops, and sometimes it does not make sense because the defect was caused by external circumstances and not by chips in the system. Even so, the filter should be installed in this situation to keep an eye on the oil and contamination.

It makes a lot more sense to mount the filter when flushing! It is not uncommon for the workshops to wash incorrectly or, if at all, badly. Often only the oil is changed.

Many impurities only dissolve after the oil in the ABC system has been replaced and rinsed. For this reason, we rinse twice. In the rodeo process (recommended by the manufacturer), we change the used hydraulic oil, rinse the system with fresh oil to remove the metal abrasion and deposits that have developed over the years. Now build in a fine 2 micrometer fine filter. The chassis is then thoroughly checked again during a test drive and the chassis is exposed to all natural external influences.

By now at the latest, all impurities should also have loosened in the shock absorber. Now we completely rinse the ABC system again and, if desired, install the ABC magnetic filter. As a customer, you have a constant eye on our work and the oil and can keep an eye on the hydraulic oil and your chassis condition in the long term!