ABC filter (Active Body Control) for chassis from Mercedes Benz

ABC filter and ABC magnetic filter

The ABC chassis basically only has one ABC filter in the oil reservoir.

ABC filter

According to Mercedes, this system is actually maintenance-free. At the latest after the manufacturer changed the system's filters from 10 µm to 3 µm, it became clear that this system is not entirely maintenance-free.

The ABC filter, which is actually responsible for cleaning the hydraulic oil, can only do this to a certain extent. This filter lets through very small and fine metal chips, which are poison for the ABC chassis. For this reason we also offer the magnetic filter. This sits in the return to the oil reservoir. You can find more information about the magnetic filter here.

Why is the oil dirty at all?

The main reasons for contamination are rust, deposits of old oil, hydraulic lines breaking apart and metal shavings from wear and tear.

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