Pumps / struts / valve units in exchange for a deposit

What is an old part?
Old parts are defective wear parts such as ABC pumps, suspension struts, etc. However, the raw material is generally suitable for reconditioning, ie the wear parts of the articles are replaced and the units reassembled. After the final inspection, the parts are packed and released for sale again.

How is the old part deposit calculated?
The deposit value to be paid is usually specified in the shopping cart when purchasing an exchange item. This amount must be paid in addition to the purchase price of the article and will be reimbursed after receipt of the article suitable for reconditioning.
The old parts may not be returned at our expense.

How does an old part have to look so that I get my deposit back?
The old part must correspond to the same content that was delivered by us! The old part deposit will be reimbursed if your old part shows no mechanical damage, such as due to an accident. Furthermore, the old part must be free of cracks and breaks. In the case of steering gears, it must also be ensured that the toothed rack from the old part is rust-free, as otherwise it can no longer be reprocessed.

Where do I send my old part back to?
Pack the old part in the original box of the new part and send it back in an outer box to the following address:

Zaedow Automotive
Little fight 6
19288 Ludwigslust

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