ABC shock absorber regenerated / reconditioned with deposit SL

799,95 VAT included.
excl. 295,00 deposit

ABC shock absorber regenerated / reconditioned with a deposit

Delivery time: 2-7 days

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You would like to buy a suitable, reconditioned and carefully hand-regenerated ABC shock absorber for your vehicle.
No problem, we offer you any ABC struts in an exchange process.
An additional € 295,00 deposit is added to the shopping cart for this item.
In addition, a spare part tax is due, which is 19% of one tenth of the regenerated spare part.


You buy the item here in the online shop and we will send the regenerated spare part to you as soon as possible.

Please tell us the chassis number or the vehicle model in the checkout area under order note so that we can send you the right spare part or send us an email afterwards.

During this time you can calmly download our old part return form and send it to us together with the defective shock absorber. We look at the shock absorber and if everything is in order we will refund the deposit to you.

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Weight: 15 kg



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