Suction throttle valve (new) ABC servo pump Mercedes AMG SL R231 CL C216 S Class W221

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  • New suction throttle valve for all ABC servo pumps with the spare part numbers A 004 466… and A 005 466…
  • Suitable for Mercedes models SL R231, CL C216, S Class W221 also all AMG from 2005 to 2012 with the equipment code 487 ABC chassis

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We regenerate hydraulic parts, engines and transmissions. The right oil and filter systems for replacement or refilling can also be found in our offers. Just have a look in our shop. We would be happy to advise you. Our articles are all original parts and 100% handmade in Germany and have been tested and described to the best of our knowledge. You can see from our rating profile that we strive to only offer flawless goods. All of our articles have seals or special markings and some have seals. If these are damaged, any right to reimbursement of the costs will expire. Articles with broken or no longer present seals, markings or seals are no longer in the delivery condition.

Do you already have a workshop appointment with us ???
No, then make an appointment in our new ABC master workshop, specialized in Mercedes-Benz & AMG. Then we can replace the filter, servo and hydraulic oil, ABC hydraulic pump, suspension struts and much more. Our specialty includes diagnoses, on the ABC chassis, but also on engines and transmissions. Our company is located directly on the A24 exit Meyenburg (18) between Berlin - Hamburg. Let yourself be pampered by our service. We look forward to you.



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