Dishwashing offers

With our flushing offers, you can make your vehicle fit for the new season. Whether you put your vehicle into hibernation or use it through the winter, make it fit to protect it from damage, especially damage to the ground. This includes, among other things, changing the brake fluid so that the brake pistons do not rust, and flushing the gearbox so that no hardening of dirt or gumming occurs in the gearbox. Shift jerks, vibrations in the transmission and converter damage are the consequences. Rinse the ABC chassis so that no rust can form in the ABC system. In particular, the pistons in the ABC hydraulic pump can rust during hibernation, and in the spring there will be a total failure or error messages.

Vehicle in winter
Whether you put your vehicle into hibernation or use it through the winter.

You wouldn't be the first to suffer such damage. Flush the servo system, especially the Mercedes SL R230 built from 2001-2011 does not have a servo filter. Every other vehicle from Mercedes, no matter how cheap, has a servo filter, including the S Class and CL. The SL has the same steering gear, the same lines, the same servo pump, just no filter. It doesn't seem to have been enough for that. This is why we have recorded most of the power steering pump damage in this vehicle. In addition, especially with the SL R230, when a new servo pump is installed, the servo system is not properly cleaned and there is no filter, the abrasion is stirred up by installing and filling in the new oil. The abrasion gets even more moving and when you start the servo pump for the first time, it sucks all the dirt in. The result is poor steering performance or total failure.

As with changing engine oil, it is important to keep your other systems clean. Changing the compressor oil in the 55 AMG compressor vehicles is just as important. That is why we have various offers for the care and maintenance of your systems. Get a non-binding offer. If you are working on several systems in your vehicle, feel free to ask for a discount.

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